27 April, 2010

craft fair season is upon us!

first of all, how great is this drawing? dang, i wish kids drew like this forever. or, at least until the age of fifteen. i hate to think that baby bella will one day (soon) not draw like this.

second of all -- chez-sucre-chez has a lot of events coming up, and i would love to see you, friends and blog readers, at these events. here's when and where you can find me over the next few months:

first -- this saturday, i'll be doing the FROM SCRATCH market in trexlertown, PA:

i did this event last november with my z-town made gals and we all agreed that for a small local fair, this is a good one and worth doing again. so, sara smedley (and her step-daughter anna), melanie linder and i will be there this saturday for the spring edition of the event. it's a little out in the middle of no-where, but if you are in this neck of the woods, come on out -- the vendors last time were really top notch and the food they'll have for sale (especially the baked goods by organizer pam parker) is SO good!

then, saturday, may 15th, there's the art star craft bazaar:

it's held on philadelphia's penn's landing - right by the water. last year i shared a booth with melanie linder (spread the love) and we're doing the same this time around. karen stanford (skylark studio) should be right next to us.

then, in june, i'm doing renegade brooklyn:

it's the weekend of june 5th and 6th. i love that event so super-much and i'll have a WHOLE bunch of stuff all set up and nicey-nice, so plan on coming out to see the chez-sucre-chez tent. (you'll also get to see full set-ups by melanie and karen, who will also be there somewhere near my tent.)

and THEN -- it's los angeles, baby.

i love those renegade peeps so much that i am doing one of their west coast shows, and i couldnt be more psyched. (so much more on that later...) the event is being held july 24th and 25th -- i'll keep you posted with more info as time draws nearer.

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Megan Woodard Johnson said...

Hey you! While I'm a little sad you won't be in chicago again, I am betting LA will be fantastic for you. No idea what's making me feel that way- just a hunch! Also- loved the post about the mug- I'm going to have to take full credit for sowing the seeds of your creative craziness now, ok? :)