22 April, 2010

hunting and gathering

brought home this little collection of treasures from my favourite junk shop. these colors make me swoon -- green milkglass, cream satin ribbon, antique pink lace, industrial-green knitting needles, old wooden spools and a beautiful antique button card... mmm, happy-making.


Megan Woodard Johnson said...

I try not to covet things...but i want it- i want it all- please send it all to Wisconsin- especially the button card. Well...I guess I'm kidding- but this collection sure has stirred up the 'gotta get to an antique shop' feeling.

Leila said...

WOW! Good finds! I love it all also.

chezkimberly said...

thanks, ladies! there is so much good stuff out there to be found. that same day i also bought a great old wooden ironing board (more for use as a table/shelf than for ironing) and so many pieces of white milk glass. i am so bonkers for milk glass these days! leila - come on out to berks county and we'll go treasure hunting!