07 April, 2010

fresh off the hoop

i'm back on the east coast! this was the scene in seat 27A on the runway of jkf airport this evening:

this is the first piece i've ever done on red aida cloth. i am super super so loving the red and white. i think red and white is like a chez-sucre-chez classic. (like this in 2007, and this, and this, and this, and lots of other older projects that i'm too tired and jet-lagged to look up.)

there was lots of red-and-white going on in my life this week, like my new pretty dress:

and the bunny cookies:

(not to be confused with the bunny scones, which i posted about already --- these were the citrus sugar cookies that we brought to the afternoon easter party. AND there were the bunny-head shaped pb&j's, and egg salad sandwiches... claire and i worked hard to find that cutter - we were determined to get some good use out of it.)
also this week i decorated my one easter egg with red hearts. i didnt think to take a photo, though... but hey, claire and jeremy took lots of photos at the super easter party that we went to. you can see some of them here.

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