13 April, 2010

excited for the outcome

i've been commissioned to stitch up an "owl love you always" piece in purple floss on a background of cream. given the range of purples to choose from, miss sarah chose this one, and i'm gonna stitch it up on the oatmeal colored aida cloth. i havent begun yet, but seeing these two colors together makes me excited.

this project made me think of this one, and it made me realize that i think i like purple/violet! it was my favourite color when i was a kid, but then i grew out of it, i guess. my great aunt mary loved purple, too -- i remember her sheet set - a beautiful print of tiny violets all over them - dang, i wish i had those sheets now.
okay - so i'll snap a photo of the piece once it's finished.
sorry for the lack of posts lately - i have been stitching and stitching and stitching SO much this past few days - i've made A LOT of totally brand-spankin' new pieces and i'm excited to show them, but i kinda want to wait until i've got just one or two or three more done and then i can photograph the whole new collection.

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