13 July, 2012

shine like a new pin

if you subscribe to my twitter, instagram, or the chez-sucre-chez facebook feeds, you may have already seen this. i was quite tickled with it when i finished and framed it up.(i still am completely tickled with it.) in all my busy-ness with renegade, though, i never got around to posting it here, and i just realized that today. oops!

so you know that i've been on the "stay gold" streak. i've long loved the quote (from the movie "the outsiders") and i've worked with these words before.

the first "stay gold" piece i did sold at my little exhibit at THIS gallery in los angeles.

the second was waiting forever to be framed. i finally finished it up just before renegade brooklyn this year and it went to a sweet guy who came back to my booth three times before he pulled the trigger. he put up an instagram of it later that day, but for some reason i couldn't access the page. boo.
here's that piece a few days before renegade:

it's framed in a custom-built whiskey and chocolate frame. (it was an odd size.)

and then the shiny metallic gold stitching on the beautiful blue-grey aida is my latest. i love love love love love it.

i love the way the colors and the style go perfectly with the vintage frame. this is one of these pieces that i love so much, i almost don't want to offer it up for sale. but, heheheh, i *do* happen to have another frame exactly like this one, so if i get to missing it too much, i could always recreate it for myself.

stay gold, friends, and have a great weekend!

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