24 July, 2012

he said the world was as soft as lace*

yesterday i designed a new pattern, and started stitching it up to be able to photograph it and list a new kit. it was partially finished by the evening and then b and i went for a walk in our local town park and discovered this:

i hadn't taken my phone with me, but went back first thing this morning for a little walk and a couple of instagram shots. it was only once i was back at the house that i saw the uncanny connection; i fell in love with this field of queen anne's lace, and i'd just made a lace-inspired pattern.
funny, eh?

i stitched the sample one up as white on black, but i'm putting these new kits together in a few different color options. i'm not sure how quickly i'll get to stitching samples of the other options, and i have a feeling i may add new color combos somewhere down the line, but currently, they can also be ordered in grey with ecru stitching:

and, in a really really limited quantity, white stitching on this beautiful lilac colored aida:

isn't that so pretty? i only have THREE pieces of this aida. not three big pieces; three kit-sized pieces. it was four, but one of them sold already! the new kit is in the shop here. if you'd like one of the few remaining lilac ones, hop to it! also, my dear blog readers, if there's some other color combo you'd like for this one, get in touch -- if i have the aida and the floss color, i'll put it together for you, because i like you and i know you'll come up with some good stuff. there are so many color combinations that would be great in this pattern. pink on white? white on blue? black on platinum? think about it. xo.

*i've always loved that line from the belle and sebastian song, "i don't love anyone."

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