30 July, 2012

a good excuse for new fabric purchases

a couple of weeks ago, i was at "home" visiting mom and pop and i spent some time with my dear nani (grandmother) too. she'd seen the bowl cover that i made for my mama and thought it was just so clever (her words!) that she wanted a bunch as her go-to wedding gift for the season. i thought that was very sweet.

nani asked that i do them as sets of three; a small, medium, and large. i didn't have the heart to tell her that i really only did them as sets of two (medium and large), so i let this motivate me to make a pattern for a small size cover, too.

since i didn't have any bowl covers left in stock (they were the unexpected super-seller at renegade; i sold all but three on the first day!), i had to make them all and, rather than working from my fabric stash (oh my goodness, i have so much fabric), i treated myself to some new yardage for this project. new fabric is almost always more fun to work with, isn't it? a new joann fabrics just opened down the street from me and though i was in the mindset of thinking that their fabric selection was a little generic, i found some really sweet prints! i hadn't really looked at their selection in a long time and i was happily pleasantly surprised. with the store less than two miles away, i have a feeling i'll be going back for more sooner than later...
this way, too (using new fabric), i know that i can replicate a set if need be.. which makes me think, i should put these in the shop! hmmmm. i think i'll do that (soon).

they're on their way, nan!

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