03 August, 2012

summer look book

hey friends, (with a lot of help from B.) i created a little look book of some of my most recent projects and products. i love the way it looks all nicey-nice and pro. please check it out, share it if you so feel inclined, comment, etc. etc.
next up -- i'm working on a holiday look book. holiday?! already?! my thoughts exactly.


mosey handmade said...

oh kj this is the coooolest, so profeshhhhhhhh!

Knitted Home said...

how beautiful!! That is so cool! How did you make the look book (if you don't mind sharing your secrets)?

chez-sucre-chez said...

@knittedhome -- I used issuu.com, and it was relatively easy! The only tough part was that to publish there, one needs to upload a PDF. I'm no good at InDesign or any of those other programs, so I sweet talked my boyfriend into doing it for me... But if you can create the PDF, the ISSUU part of it is completely easy!