03 July, 2012


another kit for you to do - in red and blue!
(wow, sorry -- don't know where that came from...)

if you've been following this blog for a long long time, you *might* remember this one; i did it a long time ago. like many of the pieces i did long ago, i'd been holding onto it because i really loved it too much to let go. (i think i did sell one of these - and then i missed it so much that i made another!) lately, i've been trying to be better about letting things go. (my studio is a little out-of-control these days -- i have waaaay too much stuff.) so, in that spirit, i took this one (the one from the photo above) to renegade with me. it sold, but before it did, the sweet young lady who bought it asked it i had kits of this pattern. this was another instance of me replying, "no, but i should!" and now i do.

i'm sure you can imagine, the possibilities for the title of this kit were pretty exciting. in the end, i decided to play it safe.

it's up in the shop now! coming next, a new color variation on the borderlines kit... next week!

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