12 July, 2012

baking up a sale

my summer shows are all over, and my studio, as i think i mentioned in some recent post, is still in a state of absolute disarray. i just have too much stuff!
so -- to help make room for fall and holiday projects and products, i'm putting some of these goods up for sale.

screen-printed towels are on sale!

i made these a while ago, but didn't have them in my shop for very long. now i only have a few left and i'm ready to let them go at just about what they cost me to make.
see that listing here. (i only have one left of most colors!)

and, all of the monogram towels that i stitched up for my summer shows are on sale. it's so hard to guess what letters and colors people are going to want. sometimes i get it right, sometimes i don't. this year, i did pretty well and these are all i have left. if your letter and color are here, you're in luck! (listing here.)
(update: G -- SOLD!)

yeah, that's a lot of fresh-baked sweets i have in the house. yesterday, i simply could not get motivated to do anything else productive, so i baked my butt off. i figured the peach pie and cinnamon raisin bread would make good props for product shots, and we have guests coming in to stay with us tonight, so, it's all good.

also new up in the shop -- custom-stitched monogram napkins:

i ordered these really lovely hem-stitched cotton napkins a while ago and never got around to doing anything with them. well, it's time to put them into motion! they're all pre washed and dried and ironed and waiting for stitches. wouldn't these be fun for more casual style every-day dining, especially for a family with younger kids. i imagine them done up with the first letter of each family member's name; something a little different. (they could even be done in each family member's favourite color!) but also, of course, they stand up beautifully for elegant festive dining tables, all done up with the family monogram. check them out here.

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