28 June, 2012

these summer days

right before renegade (which was amazing, and i didn't take any photos, as usual - duh! but, if you check my instagram page, you can see some snaps.) i whipped up a few women's aprons. every year, for the past two or three that i've been offering the kids' aprons, people asked if i did them in sizes for women. and every year, i said, "no, but i should!" well, i finally did. i only had time to do a few, and one of them sold, but now i've got three in stock and i'm thinking maybe i should put them in the shop.
so -- b and i did an impromptu photo shoot for them this evening as we prepared dinner.
here are some of the shots:

while the vegetables cooked, we went into the garden to get some fixin's for a salad. (ended up having lettuce and pea greens with goat cheese and figs. yum!)

dinner was delicious! the aprons should be up in the shop tomorrow. also tomorrow, check in here and in the shop for another new kit! i finished it today, just gotta photograph it all and do the posting. hooray!


Vanessa @ CUTIFULbaby said...

Nice garden Kimberly!!!

chezkimberly said...

thank you, vanessa! i didn't plan it quite as well as i should have, but for my first year of having it, i'm happy enough! tending to it is definitely my one of my favourite past times now.