22 June, 2012

sweet dreams are made of these

a couple of months ago, i was asked to contribute to a very special project; i was asked to create pieces for a nursery. that alone is so special to me -- i love when i'm asked to create pieces that will decorate someone's home - especially the room of a beloved little baby. but this was even more of an honor, as the nursery is to be home to twins, and the mama is a super sweet and wonderfully talented interior designer who specializes in nursery spaces. (susan hutchinson, see her site/work here and here.)

susan was fabulous to work with -- she had come up with an idea, based on work she'd viewed on my site, and, since she was looking for larger pieces, we tweaked and customized things i had done and turned those ideas into completely new pieces.
susan knew she wanted a cloud piece over each crib. since the idea was to fill a nine inch hoop, i opted to double the size of my stitching - which made it less time-consuming and made it easier for me to make bigger clouds. i really like the look of the more open stitches and the larger clouds! also, since we were working with a gold and neutral color palette, i did gold instead of silver linings. oh la la!

susan came up with the quotes, and i love love love them for this nursery! "the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams," is a quote by eleanor roosevelt, and napoleon is credited with "let him sleep, for when he wakes, he will move mountains." so sweet for the spaces above sleeping babes, right?

the initials were done in my monogram lettering style, and i did them on white linen with charcoal floss and a strand of gold. (the one in the top photo was a test - we didn't like the color of that gold and we didn't think it popped enough, so that was a last minute change. i didn't get photos of the second set.) but, susan had the nursery professionally photographed, and there you can see the new monogram pieces, and how everything looks in place.
(the following photos are all by courtney apple.)

isn't it beautiful? i love what susan did with the room -- all of the white with the neutrals and the gold accents -- it's so dreamy. you can see more of the nursery, and more of susan's house on this fantastic sneak peek post on design sponge (here), and on susan's blog.
thank you, susan, for inviting me to be a part of such a special project!


Susan said...

You were so wonderful to work with Kimberly, thank you for such a sweet post! We love them so much!!

Sarah Bowen said...

Love this! i really enjoy reading quotes, especially about love. it's just that I can relate to most of them, it's really good to be in love. I really enjoy those love quotes for him and I'm gonna send some to my boyfriend right now. <3 <3 Spread the love everyone!