18 June, 2012

crossed borders

there's a new kit in the shop!

i've been calling this one "borderline" ever since i began working on the pattern and stitching up the sample, and the madonna song of the same title has been looping over and over again in my head. i guess it's not such a bad song to stitch to...

this one's quite different from the others, no? it's a lot more busy and, i'm not going to lie -- it does take quite a bit longer... but hey, it's summer, which is a great time for a little project! it'd be perfect as a little to-do project for a week at the beach, right? or for an airplane ride to some exotic destination!

the border patterns are from the collection that i've been building over the past few years. i find them on all kind of sources; books, actual samplers, websites, etc., and then i do my little work in illustrator to turn them into a digital pattern for myself and add it to my library of borders. and here, all stacked up and framed in a hoop, they make a lovely little modern sampler piece. i'm pretty stoked on the colors of this kit -- but i only have a limited amount of this fabric color (i have no idea what this color is called or where i got it!), so this will be a limited edition kit in this colorway.... if you love it, be sure to scoop it up (here) soon!

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Jillian said...

This is very cute. :)