09 June, 2011

for a white wedding (shower)

my best friend, dana b, is getting married later this summer and i couldnt be more excited about it! last weekend we had her shower and i made this little head thing for her:

unfortunately, the photo that i took of HER wearing it turned out totally blown out so that you couldn't see the head piece at all! but i assure you, she looked tres jolie.
the inspiration came from two places:
one, from the work of the fabulous sue eggen of giant dwarf. she makes just the prettiest adornments for the head and hair. i have one of her rosette fascinators and i absolutely love it. i had an opportunity to stop by sue's studio a few weeks ago when i was in philadelphia on the hunt for some nice felt and i was positively inspired by all the magic that was happening in there. you should check out her work and her shop.
the other inspiration for this piece came from this project on the purl bee. i've been thinking about those white felt flowers ever since i saw this project many moons ago. i printed the templates out months ago --the same time that i made the little rose barrettes -- but i hadn't gotten around to finding a reason to make those lovely white flowers until last week when i wanted to make something special for dana.
hooray! project realized!

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Elizabeth of Huntress and Collector said...

Don't you just love how sophisticated felt can be?