02 June, 2011

do it for dad

as i mention in the etsy listing, finding a father's day gift for my dad has almost never been easy. i see all of the cards and gifts that feature ties and golf accessories and just have to shake my head. that stuff is definitely NOT for my dad... my dad's more into tools and beer and mowing his immaculate lawn. but the thing is, he already has all of the tools, lawn things, and bar things that a guy could possibly need (except a riding mower, but chez-sucre-chez isn't bringing in enough cash just yet to allow that purchase...) . so, yes, father's day gifts are tough for me.
a couple of years ago, however, i embroidered a simple cotton hankie for him. it was nothing big, certainly, but it went over well. we spent the day together as a family and i gave him a simple little gift that i made myself. that's better than a riding mower, right?!
so, now i've put together kits for YOU to make an embroidered hankie for YOUR papa. they're in the etsy shop.. see the listing there for more photos and info. thanks! (and, by the way, these will be going with me to renegade brooklyn next week - stop by and get one just in time for father's day, which is the following weekend!)

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