08 June, 2011

home grown 'matos

oops! i promised this post for tuesday and here i am, a day late. i swear it's only because there's so much exciting work happening behind the scenes! i'm gonna try to be better about posting about it for the rest of this week as i get ready for renegade.
anywaaaays, here's that new crop that i was telling you about:

tomatoes! i made them as practice/prep/pattern-working for ANOTHER project that i'm not gonna tell you about quite yet... but i had so much fun with the first few that i made that i decided to make a few extra. they'll go with me this coming weekend to renegade to sit alongside the strawberries and the mushrooms; it'll be like the chez-sucre-chez farm stand!

1 comment:

dreamday said...

love these. would look so cute in the ceramic basket i just bought at anthropologie!