22 June, 2011

sale time is coming!

in less than two weeks, i'm going to be moving into a beautiful new home and studio. (oh my goodness you don't even know how excited i am.) as i'm preparing for the move, i'm looking at all of my stuff, both personal and chez-sucre-chez, and i'm feeling a little overwhelmed, so i've decided it's time to have a sale, right?!

i'm going to be adding things and marking things down in the shops (both etsy and bigcartel) over the next few days/week, and then i'll send out a big email when it's all ready.

one category's all listed and ready to go, though, and i figured i should let you all know first, since these are one-of-a-kind (for the sale, anyway) items and when they go, they're gone; pre-embroidered towels are on sale! these are the towels that i've stitched up either as samples for my listing photos, or to send to magazines for photos, or as stock for craft fairs. they're all prewashed and dried and ironed and stitched and re-ironed and ready to go! click on over and see if your letter is there! (there are also a few surprises listed at the bottom.)

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