14 June, 2011

something new

last week, i worked with friend of mine from grade school to come up with something new:

chez-sucre-chez designs screen-printed onto towels (and more, which you'll hear about later). yeehaw, this is exciting stuff!

i've been wanting to do this forever, but it's taken me until now to make it happen. and i'm so glad it's happened. i think i may be hooked. excited by the results of this first project, i want to print so many different designs onto so many things! i've got loads of ideas just waiting to happen!

i worked with matt woods, of printworld in west berlin, new jersey. he and i went to grade school together and i have two very specific memories of him from that time. one, in sixth grade he had the same vans that i found in a dead stock store (magic shoes in nyc -- sadly missed) and have been rocking the past oh, six or seven years. (these ones). we sat next to each other in mister keeler's class and he drew a picture of me poorly attempting to skateboard and wrote "kimboarding" under it. i think i got mad. and the other memory is from when i was the only girl who rode in a car-full of boys to his 3rd or 4th grade birthday party and all of the boys in that car were going on and on about how they went into the old abandoned houses in town and saw things like cats eyeballs and rats in there. of course i was saying, "eeeeeeew!" the whole time, which only egged them on. boys.
aaanyways, i knew that matt now has his own screen-printing shop so i looked him up and we worked together to make this happen. he did an amazing job. of couse, being little miss do-every-thing-by-hand-by-myself, i was nervous as hell handing over control and money to someone else to do something for the chez-sucre-chez line. but i am THRILLED with the results. matt paid such attention to detail from the way he lined up the prints to the type of ink and process he used. thank you, matt. (need screenprinting and you're in this area? look him up here.)

they're in the shop - check 'em out!

soon, too, i'll be showing you the results of our other screen-printing project!

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