22 October, 2009

my baby does the hanky panky

b used to tease me about my affinity for vintage hankies over modern fluffy disposable tissues, until a few weeks ago, when he found himself at my house with a snotty nose and no tissue box in sight. he ended up going home with two said hankies (one was one of the feather embroidered linen ones i had done a while back.) and i think i've got him hooked (on hankies, that is). well i was in my most awesome and always surprising and inspiring local fabric and notions shop the other week and i there i spied a pile of plain new cotton hankies, and they had manly colors, too! so i picked up two of them and then yesterday, to celebrate the wee victory of being caught up on orders (kinda), i gave myself some non-work project time to sit in the sunshine, listening to belle and sebastian, and stitch these up for him. i spent a little time the night before searching for fonts to use and it took my a while before it hit me to do it in the tattoo lettering style.(i used this, here.) i'm pretty psyched on that one. working on the thin cotton is a little difficult - the fabric is not so forgiving, once you've poked the needle through, the hole tends to want to stay there, which is why the other hankie is so boring in comparison; i had done that B first and once it was in and i saw how boring it was, it was too late. oh well. i like them, i think he'll like them, they're just gonna be used for snot.

ps - here's a joke for you: Q: how do you make a tissue (hankie) dance? A: blow a little boogie in it. (HAHA!!)

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