09 October, 2009

letters on the wall

i'm stock-piling letters again.

i've found, thanks to many of my sweet sweet blog readers, a whole bunch of new sources for old patterns and i've had some fun giving them a try.
let me introduce you to some of my current new favourites:

here's w:

i like the way he's a little cute and creepy.
and m:

teeny, but sweet.
i don't really know why, but i really like this u:

maybe it's the pink.
i so like this h:

it reminds me of edward gory.
and like the u, i'm not quite sure why, but i do like this e.

i've got a few projects in the works that use lots and lots of letters so this collection is going to be growing!
also, though, i've added the option to my shops for ordering groups of letters, rather than just individual initials. that way, buyers can customize and order letters to spell out names or words or whatever and it's easier and cheaper for them. i need to take better photos for the listings, though...


thea said...

oh I loVE them allL!!


Katie Lynne said...

Sooo Cute! They remind me of and old typewriter's keys...hmmmn maybe an occasion way to display--in the layout of a keyboard. Thanks for sharing. Katie Lynne in Astoria, Oregon ^..^