20 October, 2009

news news

with all i've been trying to do, i missed some press mentions over the last week or two. here were some that i managed to catch:
jen, over at made by girl, gave a little shout-out for the new smiths pieces and home-sweet-homes:

see the post here.

the "please please please..." piece also got the attention of uncle beefy (the bedlam of beefy):

see that post here.

my hot air balloons were posted about over at oh-dee-doh:


lushlee posted about my silver-lined-cloud zippy pouches:

(and now they're all sold out!) that post is here.

and i actually caught myself on the etsy front page the other day:

(after noticing a significant jump in traffic!!)
hooray hooray!


Rachel said...

i haven't seen the balloon hoops before.... congratulations Kim, those are great creations!

chez-sucre-chez said...

thank you, rachel!

thea said...

YAY for the balloons!!!!!''