01 October, 2009

golden lights

some really very lovely press is going around about my cross-stitched smiths lyrics.
apartment therapy:

pretty cool, right?! see the post here.
i enjoyed reading the comments:

i particularly enjoyed the one from the girl who said she started running around her living room screaming "oh my god" when she saw the post, and the one that complimented my choice of lyrics to stitch (yay! i love when people get it!). i checked this morning and there was, of course, one naysayer, who made some comment about "the kids of this generation." i'm not quite snarky enough to comment back to inform him/her that i am of the original smiths generation.

poppytalk did a post, too:

see it here. i also enjoyed reading those comments:

the haystack needle also posted about the series:

read the post here.
so cool! it's great to see how passionately people respond to the smiths and things inspired by or related to them. i think they were just such an influential band to so many of us as we were going through our wacky teen years. i know i am certainly not the only one who analysed and hung on every word that morrissey sang; i supposed that's why i was so drawn to stitch that series...
anyways - - thanks so much for the press, jessica, and jan and jen! (wow! three j names!)


Rachel said...

Weee congrats! it feels awesome to feel appreciated for your work=)

Corinne said...

I just added a morrisey song to my blog! I love your work. Thanks so much! Cute blog too!!!