27 October, 2009

noticed notices

i've noticed some more blog mentions over the past week, which is great, because it's been helping a whole bunch to drive more viewers to my sites.
i saw this post on design is mine:

this one on darling dexter:

this one on lah mode:

and this one on india knight's posterous:

and just this morning, i received an email to let me know that one of my pieces was included in this beautiful etsy treasury by pretty in posies:

thank you so much for the approval, support, kind words, and exposure, bloggers!


TheOldPostRoad said...

Congrats on your Country Living mention! Did they contact you ahead of time so you could make sure you had a plentiful stock? Your items are beautiful!

She Can't Decide said...

that must be so so exciting! Congrats to you!