08 October, 2009


i can't say i'm reeling around the fountain, but i sure have been feeling like i've been reeling lately. sorry for the lack of posts; it's been a bit of a nutty week or two. here's one project that i've been able to complete though, outside of the nuttiness of orders and obligations and life:

something new! i've framed a piece, in a regular frame rather than an embroidery hoop. mostly i did this because i cut the fabric too small and it wouldnt fit in the embroidery hoop that i had intended for it, but also because i feel like i was going for something a little different with this piece and the frame seems, to me, to suit it a little better than a hoop would. this was actually my original vision for the smiths series -- traditional style samplers but with quirky pop/alt-culture lyrics/references rather than the traditional ABC's and 123's. but then i fell in love with that fabulous script-style lettering and decided to do the other pieces like that instead. and then i found myself still itching to satisfy that original vision. and now i have. so i think i can move on now.

that's it! c'est tout!
(oh yeah, the piece is up on etsy, in case you're interested... here.)

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Skylark Studio said...

I'm diggin the frame! it changes the feel so much somehow - NICE.

and are you kidding me with that mirror/chair/reflection shot? awesome.