12 July, 2008

and now for something completely different...

well, maybe not that different.

here's a project that i had started MONTHS and months and months ago (maybe well over a year ago?), which i only just this week completed. i found it while i was unpacking some of my studio stuff and realized that it was nearly complete. i had stopped work on it because a huge and highly frustrating knot made me tear a little hole in it, and then i couldnt get the knot out. i was too frustrated to go on. this was way back when i was on the whole feather motif kick.
i picked it back up though, and not 20 minutes later, it was complete. i really do like how delicate it looks.

the thin-ness of the vintage linen hankie was trying to work with -- i had to be really careful not to pull my stitches too hard. but it worked. it's a lot of work for a hankie with fraying edges and an initial P embossed on it (i dont know anyone with an initial P!), but i enjoy it anyway.

so -- as i look back on my week, i'm really satisfied with the work i've done. setting up my studio has made a big difference, i think. it's pretty darned nice to have a place to work -- where i can spread out and where i have all of my supplies at my fingertips. it makes me feel like a real artist. please keep your fingers crossed for me that all of this work pays off and that somehow i soon get to turn this into something that can help me to actually pay my bills!

and now, i'm going to give myself a weekend. no more work for the next two days.
it shouldnt be too hard -- i've got some good stuff planned to keep me occupied and out of the studio...

here's a shot of my inspiration/mood/bulletin board above my computer desk. i'm really digging the current color palette.

(the amazing image of the woman on the right is a postcard for a show of paintings by my friend suzannah sinclair. that girl is SO good! she doesn't have a website yet, but you can check out the site of the gallery in germany for which this postcard was created.)


Anonymous said...

my, MY, girl! you certainly HAVE had a week, my GOODNESS! good for you! quite inspiring for me as well... let's talk soon!


Belinda said...

what feathery loveliness you have achieved - so delicate - perfect!