03 July, 2008

cloud reveal #1

as i mentioned in my previous post -- i've gone back to the cloud motif in my cross-stitch pieces. holy cumulus, i have made a lot of clouds over the last week.
here's the first batch: (well, it is the second batch that i did, but the first batch that was ready to be photographed and posted.)

i'm having a difficult time getting photographs of these things that i am happy with...
but yep -- here they are. little fluffy white clouds on a black background. the first time i had done clouds, i was doing silhouettes of black clouds on white backgrounds. (and you can read more about that first batch, and see photos, here.)
i am quite sure that i like this combo better, though.
they still, like all of my other clouds, have the silver lining, but it is extra super subtle on these black backgrounds. that's okay -- i think that unexpected subtlety makes them more special.

here are some attempts of getting a good shot of them all set up on a wall.

i dont think any of these shots is perfect, by any means, but i do really enjoy how they look all grouped together in lots of different ways.

next up in the forecast: even more clouds.

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