11 July, 2008

blue skies

here's what happened this morning:

i can't seem to stop; it's another group/series of little clouds. these one are on muted sky-blue backgrounds.
the sky actually looked like this when i awoke at five-thirty this morning -- pretty pale (not yet bright) blue with white fluffy clouds. i wasn't awake enough to think to take a photo of the view outside my bedroom window -- that would have been really good.


ohthecuteness said...

I love these ones the best out of all the clouds you've done, they're so subtle and pretty. Where on earth do you find your colored cross stitch material?
Beautiful work, as always!

chezkimberly said...

hi chase! i happen to have a FANTASTIC needlework/embroidery store in my country town. the woman who runs it is the sweeeeeeetest little old lady. she's had the store for a long long time and has so much aida cloth, all in big plastic bins that i rummage through for the perfect shades. seriously -- prior to my trip there i thought you could only get it in white, black, grey, off white, etc... nope -- this woman has it in periwinkle, salmon, turquoise, lime green -- you name it!! if you're ever near kutztown, pa, you gotta stop into the crewel world. and stop by to see me!!