25 July, 2008


this little e is going into the mail today.

it was a custom order and i cannot be more thrilled with the pink on white, framed in black.
what great taste you have, diana!

she had ordered an e done in bella font -- but once i took a look at the pattern for the bella e, i wasn't so sure it was going to be what she wanted. as we both agreed, the letter is pretty, but it doesn't read so easily as an e. i also realized that in my photo of bella font letters, i haven an f which is actually not in bella font! (i gotta change that!!) i dont know where i got that pattern! anyways, i used that f as a basis for a new e pattern, and then presented diana with some options.

i'm happy with the one she chose, and i think the finished piece is just right!

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dianag said...

absolutl_e perfect!