23 September, 2009

trifecta complete

i hesitated on doing this one, because i remember that a looooong time ago, little miss black apple, emily, had embroidered this quote. she had it hanging on the wall of her home right next to the little cross-stitched squirrel of mine that she had bought. and then she posted a photo on her blog, which is where i saw it. (and then i, in turn, blogged about that -- and you can see my post here. i tried to find the post on her blog, but there i couldnt!) anyways, i'm a little nuts about not ever wanting to do something that someone else has done before, so i was quite sure that i didnt want to stitch this one up at all. HOWEVER, it seems to be maybe the most popular or well-remembered smiths line, if my friends are any measure. this was the line that was suggested to me time and time again. so i did it.

and now the trifecta is complete. i don't know why i get so obsessed with doing things in multiples or groups, but i know that i simply could not get it out of my head to put down the graph paper and needle and thread and to give my smiths mp3s a rest until i had done three of these. (and, because i can't be doing this kind of stuff just because it's fun anymore, they're all available for sale in the shop.)
so, okay. done. and now, thanks to karen's enthusiastic support when i casually mentioned that i had thought to do dylan quotes, i'll probably do those next. (her suggestion of "i'll let you be in my dreams if i can be in yours" is perfect. one of the best, k! thanks!)

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