24 September, 2009

readymade renegade

hey - check it out - i forgot to mention that chez-sucre-chez got a mention on the readymade magazine blog. a few of the readymade peeps came by my booth at renegade and we had lovely little chats. whilst chatting with amy, we did the whole "where are you from" thing and when she responded "south jersey" i said, "hm, where" and when she said, "near cherry hill" i said, "oh really, me, too, where?" and then i found out that she grew up in the town next to me and that we both attended the same high school (but at different times)! crazy. small world. read amy's version of the story in the post here.
in other readymade news, i packed up a little trio of tooth buddies and sent them off to iowa, where they are hoping to have their photos taken and make it into the magazine. i know they were not so excited about traveling all squished in the fed-ex envelope but i assure you they were exited. i meant to take a picture but i forgot. boo.

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