24 September, 2009

making good

this is really really cool. thank you so much to everyone who has blogged and twittered and facebooked to spread the word about my red balloon project and my mom's bikeride fundraiser for MS.
thank you so much to tara:

who blogged about the story on scoutie girl. see it here.

and samantha:

she posted on her blog the experts agree. see it here.

and karen:

(you gotta read her post -- as usual - there's a little bit of education and a good dose of entertainment. click here.)
it feels really good.

1 comment:

thea said...

So are they all sold?? How did it go? If not, let's put up a post of them on the brand new Spoonful site!!!!!!''

drop me a mail and let me know and we can make it happen - yay!