19 September, 2009

ruffian stitches

i got an itiching to stitch this one up last night -- and so i did...

this was the first smiths quote that i ever wanted to stitch, and i did - last year - a much different version of it, which now lives with jess. it's really one of my very very favourite smiths lines, so i happily stitched it again.

i am really liking this series! originally i had intended to do these in traditional cross-stitch lettering, to make them look like old-fashioned samplers but with these quirky smiths quotes instead of the regular ABC123's and bible quotes. but i am very much liking this modern-feeling handwriting-esque font for these pieces... i dont know how many i more i can do without getting tired of the font - they do look quite similar. i do, however, have some new colored aida cloth that i am eager to play with -- i think the next of these will be dark lettering on grey fabric... now what other quotes should i use? i've got plenty of ideas, but i'd love to hear some of yours!
(ps -- i've put these pieces in the shop -- click on over if you're interested.)


cara. said...

loving your series! i'm an embroiderer too. . . don't know if i've commented or not before but been subscribed for a while after my previous roommate, megan urie passed your site to me, claiming we were destined pals. i don't post all of my stuff but i'll have to show you some things i've worked on. my stuff is a lot more disheveled and chaotic (:

yours is brilliant. mixing the solid "foundations" of embroidery with some more modern media. this is great. love the smiths quotes. love your style!

sk said...

Nice! I love this idea. I can't think of a particular quote this early in the morning, but you should do an Avett Brothers quote! There is a wealth of good stuff in their songs....oh, and a Bob Dylan one too.
Have fun!

Skylark Studio said...

Dylan. absolutely.

I'll let you be in my dream if I can be yours.

xoxox these looks AWEsome