05 May, 2009

mine swine

i got an email the other day from jessica, who writes the blog the window ledge, to let me know that she had featured my butcher-cuts piggy tote.

(see the post here.)
she created a round-up of piggy themed goods. i love that -- showing love to the hogs amidst all the swine-flu media frenzy. awesome. thanks for the mention, jessica!
also in positive pig PR: the regular piggy goes to market grocery totes are back in stock (after being sold out AGAIN!).

i just got a new shipment of tote supplies and i'm stitching up another batch. get yours here, before this batch is gone, too!


Jessica said...

HA! Awesome. Thanks for the link. And P.S. I love your Sammy Wraps :)

_nina_malvada_ said...

beautiful tote bag...

(thaks for the info i'll search for the online shop)