15 May, 2009

fair warning

the promo materials for the (quickly) approaching craft fairs are hitting the streets (and the screens).
i received these in the mail yesterday:

postcards for the philadelphia artstar bazaar (may 30-31)
and this is being sent around via facebook:

banners for brooklyn renegade (june 6 - 7) (i love that they used embroidery in the flyer design!)
and now looking at my calendar, i get that little flutter of nervous anxiety when i realize that this madness is just two weeks away. next week, i am sure, that little flutter of anxiety will have turned into a full-on panic attack. holy shazaam, i gotta get my butt in gear. my mantra for today is this, typed in an email to me this morning by my friend jen, "okay well - work hard. too much work is good - focus and kick ass."

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