22 May, 2009

country loving

more press! hooray for today!
i noticed that my hand-embroidered rose tea towels are featured on the website of country living magazine. see for yourself, here!

this was a good month for chez-sucre-chez and country living magazine. i was listed in the june issue as a source for a hand-embroidered lobster pot-holder. i was keeping it a secret until the magazine was out, but this is what started my whole new summer lobster theme. they had photographed a vintage hand-embroidered pot holder with a lobster on it and asked me to create a similar version for people looking for that item. i think it was a little confusing for some people who may have thought that i had created and was selling the one photographed, but i hope that my chez-sucre-chez take on it is sufficient! my copy of the magazine came in the mail yesterday and i was wowed to see chez-sucre-chez in a source list blurb that also includes williams-sonoma, wedgewood, anthropologie and jonathan adler! that's some serious company!


sk said...

Congratulations! How exciting!

She Can't Decide said...

oh that is to amazing! Congrats to you! Enjoy every moment!