10 May, 2009

i did this fur you, lil.

ten pairs of fun fur leg warmers (for a friend's dance studio's recital costumes):

and a very fuzzy me:


Farren said...

Hey! Do you have a tutorial, or even some basic instructions to make leg warmers out of fun fur? I'd love to see them!

Thanks :)

chez-sucre-chez said...

hi farren -- i dont have a tutorial, but the way i did these was SUPER quick and easy -- they were for one or two times wear for a dance recital, so they didnt have to be so fancy. i simply measured knee to ankle, made a hem on the top and then stitched up the back seam. then i just turned them inside out and called them legwarmers! i really didnt do anything fancy --- but if you just need simple use legwarmers, this will do the trick. there was no need for me to put a hem on the bottom for my purpose and so i chose not to, since the fur fell over the ends of the fabric and hid the end.