10 May, 2009

crustacean frustration

lobster stuff is coming along ---

nothing's quite ready to go into the shop yet, but i am happy with the red on the white towel:

i just wanna refine the stitches a little bit (originally i was thinking that really jagged stitches was the look i wanted for these ones... it's okay, but i'm afraid people will just think i'm a messy embroiderer.) and the red on the black gingham --

well, i really love it (friend molly suggested this combo -- good idea, eh?) but i'm afraid it's a little difficult to read the image. it looks better in real life (darn photos!), but still....
i have a couple of other towels and combos i wanna try.
and then it's onto pot-holders!
(i'm not really frustrated about it --- i moreso just used that title because it's the only thing i could think of on three and half hours of sleep.)
now -- off to go see the fam. (happy mother's day mama bear and nerdie and all of my friends who are now mommies!)

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