08 May, 2009

flocking to the country

yesterday i took a lovely back-country drive to this place:

wanamakers general store in kempton, PA. look at it -- a real live honest to goodness general store! this place is fantastic. they make the most delicious sandwiches to be had for miles and miles and miles around (with or without salt), and, true to the concept of a good old fashioned general store, they've got just about everything, including chez-sucre-chez sandwich wrappers -- and clothesline design stuffies and tummytime mats, AND spread the love postcards and prints (yeeeeeah, z-town).

and then after my visit to wanamakers, i went with my friend lala to check on her new baby lambs. she's got a whole bunch of sheep and she shears them and makes stuff out of their wool and sells the wool, too. amazing, right? she's got an etsy shop -- here. (mon dieu! i love my crafty friends... le sigh.)

so, this being springtime, lala's been really busy checking up on her sheep and monitoring all of the births and the health of the new baby lambs. i was really happy to have had the opportunity to go with her.

this little one was just brought out for his first day outside the barn -- brought into the real outside world:

he met the lama and the lama seemed to accept him just fine.

this little one climbed into and sat down in the water bucket. so stinkin' cute:

and i got nuzzled by the little black lamb:

do you see that farm-awesomeness going on? lama and sheep and lambs (and somewhere outside of the photo is whiskey, the goat). so great.

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Leila said...

This is all SO awesome! It looks like you had a great time. I'm going to have to check out wannamakers if I ever manage to be in the area.