06 May, 2009


swine flu, lymes disease, and avian flu cookies.
my mother had only two words for me as i, laughing maniacally, put the trays into the oven; "you're sick."
oh, i know.
they're not my prettiest cookies, as i made them in a complete rush. i was on a quick stop-over at mom and pop's, and i left most of my cookie cutters here, and i was having a baking-urge -- so i whipped 'em up quick. i would have done 'em up with the royal icing, but i've got a hot date with two foxes in the city in an hour! i gotta zoom.

(yes, i know this is serious stuff and that these illnesses are grave. i don't mean to make light of people's health. what i am reacting to is the media madness surrounding these instances.)


Anonymous said...

i think these are adorable, and delicious looking!

Robert Sparrow Jones said...

You are so funny!