28 October, 2007

this is halloween (2007)

if there were a winner at greg and dana's annual pumpkin-carving party, this year it would have been greg, hands down.
this was his pumpkin. it was fantstic. he even made the spider that is hanging out on the side of the web -- made it by cutting off the bottom of the pumpkin, carving it into the spider shape, and spray painting it black.
good work, friend.

and these, (below) were my pumpkins:

itty-bitty happy and sad.
(i love carving the super-small pumpkins; every year someone says, "you can't carve those pumpkins!" and every year, i say, "i do it every year, watch me." i think that i've carved the very same face every year -- since college.)

and a mustache!

i also made chocolate bat cookies -- because, they're not just for christmas!

(and greg made THE most delicious cranberry-apple crumble. it was so good, i ate way more of it than i should have. i didnt get a picture -- i was too busy shoving forkfuls of it into my mouth.)

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Anonymous said...

if you scroll up and down fast wile the bat cookies are on the screen, it look like they are flying. try it.