06 October, 2007


here's how i framed the cross-stitch silhouettes that i did.
i used the tops of cigar boxes. these things have been with me for a loooong time -- since i lived in boston.
when i first moved to boston, i worked at a great old-fashioned cigar/tobacco/old-cool-stuff shop (leavitt & peirce in harvard square). we went through a lot of cigar boxes, many of which were separated from their lids for display purposes. well, i took the lids home with me, painted them to look like dark wood, and then mounted postcards to them and hung them up as frames.
recently, when i moved into this apartment in brooklyn, i repainted them (glossy black this time, to match the decor of my room) and put new images in them.
and now i have taken those images out and intend to fill all of the "frames" with cross-stitch pieces.
here's the beginning.

more to come -- eventually.

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Anonymous said...

all the needlework is so great... you should put the clouds in an art gallery!