17 October, 2007

kj and the dream of horses

ponies! ponies! ponies!

a little crazy to be working on so many pony projects at the same time (i am currently working on four separate ponies) - and a little premature to be posting about them... but i'm just so excited i had to share some pictures of the works in progress.
i hope that not a single one of these turns into an eternally-unfinished project.

(yeah yeah yeah -- ponies/horses are sooooo three or four years ago. big deal. 1 - since when do i give a hoot about trends? and 2 - i grew up with horses and ponies -- and, i have been bitten by a horse two different times in my life {spiderman was only bitten by the spider once - so what does that make me?} so -- i've got horse-cred; i'll embroider ponies if i want to.)

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