04 October, 2007

clouds in my coffee

this is how i like to start my mornings.
a big latte bowl full of lots of frothy milk on top of espresso-brewed coffee. i like to sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on top and then eat the top layer of sugary froth with a spoon like creme brulee. mmmmmmm.

oh, and while on the subject of coffee: here's my latest embellishment to every-day life: the jar that my coffee beans live in got a little crafty make-over with a scrap of fabric, some bias tape, and some glue..

a note to my dear readers: the title of this post is a case of what is known in literature as "foreshadowing." now, usually (except in the case of post-modern literature) the author does not point out the foreshadowed element. however, i am caffeinated, and giddy with the excitement of being close to finishing and revealing the project i've been working on for the past month. watch for it. oh, and it has nothing to do with carly simon, or, for that matter, janet jackson.

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