02 October, 2007

a-la peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

so, you are thinking, "um, yeah, kimberly, pb&j, big deal..." well, i retort, it is a big deal when it's A PB&J COOKIE! hahahah! these things are hilarious. a few weeks ago, i bought myself some new cookie cutters (from my top-secret source; sorry). i was helping to throw a mustache party for my sister's 30th birthday, so i needed (needed, got that?) a mustache cookie cutter. while shopping, i came across the bread-slice-shaped cookie cutter. i debated about if i needed that one or not and ultimately decided that yes, i did need it.
well the other day, i was out with my good friend greg. we stopped into Moon River Chattel (super fantastic store on Grand Street in Williamsburg) and i happened to admire a lovely set of oval fluted cookie cutters. greg, being the great friend that he is, bought them for me. while he was paying, we chatted with the woman at the store about cookie making. she suggested i make peanut butter cookies, and greg, usually not much of a cookie fan, agreed. so -- i had it in my head to make peanut butter cookies. but to find a recipe for peanut butter roll-and-cut cokies... tricky, as most peanut butter cookie doughs are too dry and crumbly for rolling and cutting. martha had one, though (although it is DEFINITELY not written correctly -- it calls for 7 cups (!?!?) of flour - i used 3 and they were almost too dry).
so -- i thought pb&j cookies would be a great use for the bread-slice cutter.
they look just like sandwiches! hooray!

here's a plain piece of toast cookie.

and here are those beautiful new fluted-oval cookie-cutters put to use. (thank you, greg!) these ones are sandwiched with chocolate filling in the middle.. mmmm. peanut butter and chocolate...

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