14 October, 2007

gold leaf

first there was the silver thread.
and then there was gold.

i bought them both at the same time, but was slightly less excited about the gold than the silver. i'm not much of a gold girl; i guess i usually find it to be a bit garish -- i'd much prefer silver or platinum, please. (then again, i'm not much of a jewelry girl at all, really.)
however -- i've found much inspiration lately for the combination of black and gold.
first -- it was beautiful jewelry chains of sparkly gold and dull black that my good friend janna has been making (and if she ever gets her website up, i will link to them!), then -- it was a black and gold ring worn by sweet miss julia, my new co-worker.

and then -- it was the hues of autumn -- it has enabled me to make another step in the whole cross-stitch kick i've been on..
black tree silhouettes (which i do love so very much - especially when you see them at dusk, with a dark, but still colorful sky behind them -- central park is an especially lovely place to see this...) -- but it isn't quite winter yet -- they've still got their leaves. the leaves may have dried up, but they still have a sparkle to them.

maybe nature's last green is gold, too? (not just her first...)it is the hardest hue to hold...

(hmmmm -- ponyboy -- more foreshadowing?)

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Anonymous said...

yes yes i know, 6 months i tell you! all that glitters is gold! xoxo janna