04 November, 2007

making bunnies

(i have never quite understood why that is a term for little kids' farts.)*

here's the project du jour (one of them, anyway).
I drew the pattern the other day -- i dont know why or what inspired it -- bunnies arent a common theme for me -- but that day, i doodled a bunny and liked the shape. so i enlarged it on the photocopier and voila -- the bunny pattern was born.
at first i was going to make it of the pink polka-dot fabric that serves as the backdrop for these photos, but then i opted for the fuzzy felt.

i made the felt -- kinda... i had a pure merino wool blanket that moths had gotten to. well, i never really loved the blanket in the first place, so i thought that instead of darning the holes, i would try to turn it into a big beautiful piece of felt. i put it through one (hot) wash and dry cycle at the local launderette and it worked alright! this stuff is beautiful -- soft and fuzzy but strong enough to be cut with scissors. it sews up like a dream. perfect for soft fuzzy bunnies.

i made one, but wasnt 100% happy with the shape, so i revised the pattern and this little guy is the result.
i think he qualifies as a "green" product -- made from a repurposed blanket and stuffed with his own scraps (as well as some fluff).
if you love him and want one, let me know -- i've got the pattern and left over fabric!

(i also dont quite understand why i used that as the title for my post, when i could have instead referenced vincent gallo, or john updike, or the lemonheads.)


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Daw! I love your bunny! I made a wonky bunny around easter time, here's the flickr address for the picture, they have an uncanny resemblance, lol!