06 November, 2007

smock around the bunker...

smock around, smock around...

I picked up Amy Karol's "Bend the Rules Sewing." I had been seeing a lot of reviews on it and everyone else seemed to love it. Well, when I leafed through it, I saw why. It really is a great book. There are a lot of inspiring ideas in there and the patterns are simple and easy to adapt and customize. I really appreciate her "bend the rules" attitude towards sewing --- the voice that says, " ah, don't pin it -- that's a waste of time -- just sew!" that is definitely how I work.
I tried the smock pattern first - with little miss Bella in mind.

Typical of me, I never seem to stop at just one. After the first, I decided to enlarge the pattern a little bit.

and then I just kept on going.

I had embroidered this chickie, but didnt have any use for it -- so I added it as a pocket.

If I make another, I think I will change the pattern just a little bit -- maybe make it a wee bit longer -- maybe add some buttons...
That book really is great. I recommend it to anyone who loves a project but needs a little direction. It gives the basic idea and how-to and lets you go from there to make the project "your own." A+++++++++, Ms. Karol.
(she also keeps a really great and inspiring blog, http://www.angrychicken.typepad.com/ )

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