25 November, 2007

would you like to buy an O?

or a k? a j? an f? an l?...

...or any other letter?
prompted by the sweetly supportive positive feedback from friends about my cross-stitch K's, i'm putting the initials up on etsy -- with the option for custom orders.
i haven't had too much luck with etsy yet; we'll see how this goes.

(this post {maybe someday} sponsored by the letters k, s, g, m, and r.)


Jen said...

Your work is just LOVELY! I happened upon it via the post in Decor8.. and so agree with Holly: "Domino Worthy!"

ALL my best!


kelly said...

I also found you via Decor8. Love, love, LOVE these initials -- your craftsmanship is just lovely in all of your work.

Thank you for sharing!