30 March, 2011

color pop

please excuse a momentary break in the usual subdued color palette of chez-sucre-chez.
today is the birthday of one of the most very special girls in the whole world, my miss bella jean.
tomorrow (because i am a dum-dum, and although i made and packed it all up to be ready 3 weeks ago, i sent it out a day too late...) she'll be getting some fun in the mail.
inspired by this, i made her a little mini-garland:

the "flags" are kind of a funny shape, but i wanted to use my fancy circle cutter:

and they're strung together with baker's twine:

inside a brightly decorated box which i forgot to get a photo of, there's a set of those felt rose barrettes:

we drew roses together months ago when i last saw her and i've been told that she's had a thing for roses ever since. so cute.
happy birthday, bella.

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