28 March, 2011

oh will you take me as i am...

i know - i know, i know; i stitch this up just as i'm almost packing up to leave my temporary home of california to go back east to my real home. i know, my friends out here are going to give me mega-*$@! for this.
but really - it (california) is SUCH an amazing place. just three hours ago, i was tromping around in snow up in the mountains. next weekend, i'll be sipping cocktails next to a pool in palm springs. and the weekend after that, i'll be trekking through the desert in death valley -- all within three hours of here. this place is incredible! but my home is back east....

anyways, one night last week, this song (these are lyrics to joni mitchell's "california") popped up on my random ipod shuffle mix and i had that "i've got to stitch this" feeling.
so there it is.

available in these two color options, or stitched to order, in my etsy shop.
(thank you, mister jones, for reintroducing me to the music of ms. mitchell.)

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